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Using more than one language in Grid 3

Grid 3 supports over 30 languages with over 100 voice available and localized grid sets.

You can use several languages in the same user profile by changing voices, grid sets or just on specific words.

Installing voices

For correct pronunciations, you will need to change your Grid voice to one appropriate for the language. While voices can have many different accents, they only support one language to enable correct grammar and predictions. Grid has a selection of over 100 voices to choose from and also supports a number of voice banking services.

For information on how to install voices visit the following article:  How to add a new voice in Grid 3

Changing your voice when opening a grid set

When a grid set is opened, Grid will try to match the language of the grid set to the voices installed. For example, if you have both the English and French versions of Super Core 50 as long as you have a French voice installed, Grid will automatically switch upon opening the French version of Super Core, and switch back when you open the English version.

When making your own grid sets, remember you can change the language in Settings – Grid set then use the language dropdown.

Changing your voice while using a grid set

What if you wanted to change your language while using the same grid set? This is possible with the Change voice command. You may want to import some specific French phrases into an English grid set, or have a home page with French core words and another with English.

In this example, we have added a topic from Super Core 50 – French into Super Core 50 – English so we can talk about food. After copying the topic grid into the Super Core 50 – English grid set, we have used a blank cell on the Topics grid to make the jump to our French vocabulary.

The Change voice command works best when in conjunction with the Jump cell. Make sure your jump is heading to our French topic

Select the Jump cell and select Add command (in this case Cuisine).

Add the Change voice command. You can search the command browser, or find it under Speech commands.

Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate voice for your grid, in this case, Alice.

Remember to repeat this process on jumps back to set your voice back to your first language! Tap follow jump to edit the French topic. As this is a Super Core grid, the Home and Back cells are also jumps, so you will need to add Change voice commands to these to make sure you go back to your English voice.

Once done, we can now jump between English and French vocabulary, in one grid set, and select the correct voice for the vocabulary.

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