Grid Pad 10s

Durable and multi-access communication on the go with the Grid Pad 10s

Grid Pad 10s is our most powerful portable communication aid. Bringing you a dedicated and multi-access device designed with independence and durability in mind.

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Tough and durable

The Grid Pad 10s device has an extra strong screen and durable tough case to ensure it can withstand everyday knocks and bumps.

Versatile positioning

Mount it to your wheelchair with the dual mounting plate. Carry it with you using the shoulder strap or position it at any angle on a desk with the adjustable flip out stand.

All access methods

The touch screen can be used with or without a keyguard. Connect up to two switches, or use a USB access device like a joystick or head mouse.

Powerful Intel Core i5-7454 processor
Full colour second screen to make communication easier
Infrared Environment Control for controlling devices at home

Made for Grid

Meet Joe

Why choose Grid Pad 10s?

Grid Pad 10s can be used by children and adults with a wide range of disabilities which affects their natural speech, using touch, keyguards, and switches. Learn more about why Grid Pad 10s is the ideal communication aid for communication on the move, with flagship Grid software.


Introducing Grid Pad 10s

Remote power button

Second screen

Part of the Grid Pad range

Independence and durability

Powered by Grid software

Communication and independence

Explore Grid

Beautifully engineered

Get started with Grid Pad 10s


  • Tough cover

  • Power Bank

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