Grid Pad 15

Designed for communication all day, every day, using any access method

A flexible solution for people with complex access and communication needs. Grid Pad 15 is a dedicated device with Grid software, and has been designed in collaboration with AAC users. A long 14-hour battery life, rugged design and multiple access options ensure you always have your voice. Available with a choice of eye gaze technology.

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Tough touchscreen display

Grid Pad 15 has a 15.6” HD touchscreen, with a hardened glass display. The antiglare finish helps to reduce reflections and makes it easier to see the screen when you are out and about.

Powerful computer

Grid Pad 15 has a fast i5 Intel processor, 8GB RAM and a 256 GB solid state hard drive. Perfect for communicating quickly, running complex grid sets with lots of cells and using Computer Control.

All day battery

Grid Pad 15 is designed to help you communicate all day long. The large 148Wh battery provides up to 14 hours continuous use (9 hours with eye gaze). For comparison the iPad 10.2 has a 32.9Wh battery.

Powerful i5 Intel processor for reliable communication all day
4.6” full colour second screen for easier communication
Control your environment with infrared technology

Accessing the world

Meet Oli

Why choose Grid Pad 15?

Grid Pad 15 can be used by children and adults with a wide range of disabilities which affects their natural speech, using alternative access methods. Learn more about why Grid Pad 15 is the ideal communication aid for communication and participation.


All day battery

The second screen

Access methods

Available with Grid

Explore Grid

Full colour second screen

The second screen means you can display your message on the rear of the device, improving communication in a range of environments and situations.

Eye gaze ready

Explore eye gaze

Switch and USB access

There are two built-in ports for switches, and two USB ports to use with any other type of alternative access, such as a joystick, trackball, HeadMouse Nano or Quha Zono.

Mounting options

Clear amplified sound

Auditory feedback

Environment control


  • Eye gaze module

  • Quha Zono X

  • Grid Pad wheelchair adaptor

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