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Posted on October 20, 2020

New vocabulary and accessible apps

We are constantly developing and improving Super Core, and we’re delighted to announce that this November there are some exciting new features coming to the grid set.

There will be new teen and adult vocabulary for older users, plus accessible apps so users can communicate with email, SMS and more.

Watch a sneak peak of the new Super Core in this demo video. Arriving in Grid this November.

New teen and adult vocabulary

The new teen and adult vocabulary introduces lots of new age-appropriate vocabulary as well as new leisure and independence activities.

Explore new language alongside familiar core words and gain independence by editing and adding to pre-stored phrase lists.

New topics cover TV and film, politics, sexual health, relationships, swearing, slang and much more! Perfect for older users who want to communicate with symbols.

When you add the updated version of Super Core for the first time, you will be given the choice to select child or teen and adult vocabulary. This allows you to choose the most appropriate vocabulary for the user.

This new vocabulary is available in both Super Core 30 and Super Core 50, and in all symbol libraries. There are also new learning grids to accompany the additional daily and leisure activities.


  • Frequency based core vocabulary
  • Focus on fun and familiar play activities, e.g. bubbles and cars
  • Pre-stored messages for quick communication
  • Language for daily routines, e.g. washing and dressing
  • Child friendly vocabulary for a range of topics

Teen and adult

  • Frequency based core vocabulary
  • Focus on activities of daily living and leisure, e.g. hanging out
  • Editable phrase lists for increased independence
  • Additional language for adult topics, e.g. social care
  • Explicit language for adult use, e.g. swearing

Moving from child to teen and adult vocabulary

Super Core teen and adult has been designed to make it easy to transition from the child vocabulary, by keeping the same core and extended core.

This means that as users get older they can expand their vocabulary while continuing to use a familiar core. This avoids the need for extensive re-learning, especially for teenagers and adults who have previously been using Super Core as children.

The key differences between the two vocabularies are within the dynamic columns and the topics grids, however the format is the same between both.

Changes to the phrase grids

In the teen and adult vocabulary there are extended phrase lists for each daily and leisure activity. These phrase lists can easily be edited and added to, giving teen and adult users more options to personalise their content.

Learning grids

A selection of new simplified Learning grids introduce learners to daily life and leisure topics. Ideal for those who are just starting to explore symbol communication, and may still be developing access skills.

New Accessible Apps

Super Core will soon feature simplified apps so you can do even more without ever leaving your communication grid set. From sending emails and text messages, listening to music, using Environment Control and taking notes – all with clear cells and symbol support to help you navigate them.

We have also included the Alexa grid set so you can use voice commands to control Alexa. Listen to any song you can think of, hear the latest news, play games and ask questions.

Find all of these apps via the magic wand tool > apps, in all versions of Super Core.

Included in Grid

Super Core is one of the many grid sets available in Grid (Windows and iPad). You can try it for free below.

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