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Posted on March 24, 2017

The Activation order and Single activation commands are new to Grid 3, and are a great way to create fun activity grids. We’ve created a couple of example grid sets to demonstrate how these new commands work.

Activation order

You can use the Activation order command to set the order that cells are activated. This could be helpful if you want to practice sentence building or create a cloze activity.

For example, this tongue twister grid set forces you to choose the words in a particular order to complete the sentence.

Download She sells seashells

Simply add the Activation order command to your cell, and select the order you want it to appear in from the drop down menu. The Dim option is selected by default, but can be turned off if you want to avoid guiding the user.

Using the activation order command

You can reset the activity with the Reset activation order command.

Single activation

When the Single activation command is added to a cell, it can only be selected once.

Download Feathery facts

In this example grid set the words can be selected in any order – they can only be selected once however, as the Single activation command has been added to each cell.

The completed sentence at the top of the grid acts as a guide.

Single activation command in edit mode

You can reset the activity by selecting the Reset single activation command.

You may also want to combine this with Clear and Stop speaking commands, to clear the writing area when you start the activity again.


These commands are located under Interactive learning from the Create cell window in edit mode.

Interactive learning commands



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