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Posted on April 12, 2022

Using the conversation grids in Super Core

Specialist teacher Anita from our Content Team gives a tour of the conversation grids in Super Core and how you can use them.

The Conversation grids in Super Core were designed to support everyday conversation with friends and family and people you see regularly. Often in AAC vocabularies chat grids are made up of questions like “What’s your name?” and “Where do you live”, but this isn’t the type of conversation we have with people we already know.

The Conversation grid is structured around supporting a natural conversation with people you see regularly.

Start your conversation with greetings and opening questions such as “hi”, “what’s up?” and “how was your weekend?”. These are found in the first two columns on the left of the grid. The third column has some general responses to opening questions, for example “I’m well”.

Next are comments and phrases to help extend a conversation and keep it going by saying things like “tell me more” and “no way, me too!”. These phrases are located in the middle of the screen in the comment and extend columns. There are also phrases to prevent or solve communication problems as they arise, for example “that’s not what I meant” or “I’m going to start again”.

On the right side of the screen there are general phrases to agree or disagree with what your conversation partner is saying, which can be a really important part of a conversation. Finally, there are some phrases to use at the end of a chat, rather than just saying “bye” without any warning. These include “I’ve got to go” or “see you later” and provide a more natural way to wrap up your conversation.

All of the phrases can be used in conversations about any topic with anyone you like to chat with. There is an option to add more phrases to any of these sections using the cell with the plus sign at the top of each column, so you can use the rest of your Super Core grid set to build up phrases and then use the “add phrase” cell to save them for later.

Where to find the conversation grids

You can find the Conversation grid in the Teen and Adult vocabulary of Super Core 30 or Super Core 50. Look for the “Chat” cell on the home grid.

Super Core is included for free in Grid AAC software, available on Windows and iPad.

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