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Posted on April 18, 2017

Release notes from the latest Grid 3 update

Grid 3 version 3.0.21 is now available.


New features

  • The Speak whilst typing setting will now enable you to speak characters, words and sentences as you type them into other programs when using computer control grids
  • Enhanced grammar capability for asking questions. Phrases will auto-correct when written as a question – for example, “do he” will become “does he”
  • Grid 3 now supports results for Alea eye gaze calibrations
  • Activation order commands now support Dimming after selection
  • Grid sets are now available in Welsh (including Symbol Talker A and B, Fast Talker 3, Interactive Learning and Accessible Apps)
  • Cursor thickness can be set in Windows for use in Grid 3
  • Pointer control visuals extend further and smoother


Bug fixes

  • Automatic font scaling was affecting how quickly cells would appear
  • Tools in the word list window were being hidden behind the OK/Accept button when resizing the window
  • Inaccessible word list cells imported from The Grid 2 are now accessible
  • Netflix videos should now be recognised as links
  • Speech highlighting was not always correct if you select some text

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