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Posted on June 5, 2017

Release notes from the latest Grid 3 update

Grid 3.0.23 is now live.

New features

  • You can now Apply a background to all grids
  • There is a new Grid Player compatibility score under grid set analysis
  • The Modify written verb cell now includes a toggle, to Display modified verb in the cell. This lets you choose the way the verbs are displayed – handy for symbol users
  • Support for symbolised verb suggestions in Italian


Bug fixes

  • The tails of letters like ‘g’ and ‘y’ were being cut off in cells in comic sans
  • The voice test sentence was always spoken in English
  • Hebrew Symbol Communication subcategories were showing for English users
  • YouTube and Facebook pages sometimes displayed as a narrow column
  • There was a delay when trying to start a second calibration with Alea
  • The Web browser would not work if Visual C++ Runtime was not installed
  • Configure printer did not work for shared printers

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