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Posted on September 5, 2017

Release notes from the latest Grid 3 update

Grid 3.0.26 is now live.

New features

  • New option for the Eye gaze Calibration to view the video feed from EyeTech cameras
  • You can also add this option to a grid set using the new Eye gaze monitor video command
  • New setting to turn off the tracking indicator lights for EyeTech cameras. This is useful if the lights are distracting for users
  • One-point calibration option for EyeTech cameras. This is a quick way to get a new user started without requiring a long attention span
  • You can now add more actions to the following Environment control accessories: Alarm, Blind, Set-top box, and Television
  • Brand new ‘Relay’ Environment control accessory
  • New button to open the Windows game Controller settings when setting up switches – useful when your switch is not working

Bug fixes

  • Cursor is now shown when using the Move the mouse Computer control option on touch screen devices
  • Switching between eye gaze click methods sometimes required multiple selections to switch
  • Clicking an empty writing area could sometimes cause prediction cells to change
  • Long hold can now be used with Hold to advance scanning
  • Grids with only Music auto content cells would sometimes show a “This grid set is empty” message
  • Some music auto content cells could be scanned during the initial scan activation

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