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Posted on October 31, 2017

Release notes from the latest Grid 3 update

Grid 3.0.28 is now available.

New features

  • Message banking is a new way to communicate using Grid 3. Message banking enables you to record meaningful phrases and play them back at any time. You can record and manage your messages in Speech settings
  • Fast Talker 3 has been updated to include a new ‘Message banking’ section.  You will need to add Fast Talker 3 to Grid Explorer (even if you already have a previous version)
  • New highlighting options for switch elimination, enabling you to choose between a border or background highlight
  • New ‘Play sound when activated’ setting for Voice access, giving audio feedback to people with visual impairment


Bug fixes

  • Prediction cells no longer display symbols for your ‘Small words’
  • Music volume correctly starts at 50% when opening a grid set
  • Sleep screen is now compatible with custom Windows power plans
  • Mouse control glide lines were not always visible
  • The Suggest words command sometimes displayed an incorrect symbol

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