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Release notes from the latest Grid 3 update

As of 13 February 2017, Grid 3 version 3.0.19 has now been made available to all.

New features

  • New corner calibration for myGaze cameras – with 13 targets to improve access for Computer Control or people using grids with high cell count and small targets
  • Simpler symbolised verb suggestions (English only)
  • Improved access to Remote Support from within Grid 3
  • New alert icons – separate icons for Dropbox, email, Remote Support, software update and Smartbox account
  • Canadian French language support
  • Support for more than one Ir Trans or iTach Flex infrared transmitter, when using multiple accessories for EC around the home


Bug fixes

  • Removing web Favourites could sometimes crash Grid 3
  • Switch scanning no longer restarts mid-scan, as a result of refreshing content on the web page
  • An issue with some black and white symbols appearing as solid black has now been corrected
  • Voice activation will now wake the screen
  • You can now add a second symbol to an existing one, when you are creating custom symbols in My Pictures (Settings > Writing > Symbols)
  • The ‘Print’ command no longer always prints in landscape
  • Symbols will no longer appear for verb suggestions when turned off in Settings
  • When Grid 3 is learning UUIRT codes, it will now tell you if the process has not worked

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