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Posted on May 17, 2022

Editing tips in Grid

There are several keyboard shortcuts that can make using and editing Grid software easier. Here are some top tips from SLT and Content Developer Lois who recently joined the Smartbox team.

Find word – F9

This can be super helpful for both the AAC user and communication partner, particularly when you are learning to navigate a new vocabulary package. You can use the search function to find the word you are looking for and the pathway to get to it.

Sometimes there can be multiple ways to find the same word.

Learn more about Find Word

Open your settings window – F10

This is a quick and easy way to bring up your settings, especially for people who use multiple modes of access.

Here you can access settings for:

  • Access (e.g.  refining the settings of your method of access)
  • Speech (e.g. customising your voice and editing pronunciations)
  • Writing (e.g. changing your settings for prediction, updating your dictionary)
  • Symbols (e.g. personalising image and symbol choices for specific words)
  • Your current grid set (e.g. turning off symbols and changing your language)

Edit mode – F11

This shortcut takes you in and out of edit mode, rather than using the drop-down menu at the top of the screen – handy if you are doing this a lot!

When you are in Grid Explorer, F11 will open the ‘arrange grids’ mode where you can move and rename your grid sets.

Changing a cell label – F2

When you are in edit mode, you can use this shortcut to shorten the name on the cell or simplify it.

Change the cell symbol or picture – F3

This is an easy way to change the picture of a cell in edit mode. You can select a new symbol, choose a picture file, take a webcam photo, take a screen capture, or search the web for a new image and add this to your selected cell.

Save changes – Ctrl+S

Getting into the habit of using this shortcut frequently when in edit mode will help make sure you don’t lose any unsaved changes. This is particularly useful if you are making lots of personalisations to one grid set.

Follow jump – Ctrl+F (and Jump back Alt + )

Jump cells allow you to move between the grids in your grid set. When you are in edit mode you can use the follow jump and jump back shortcuts to quickly move between the grids you are editing.

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About Lois

Lois is new to the Content team, but she is not new to Grid software or Smartbox! For over 13 years Lois has been working in the world of AAC, developing content and supporting people in multiple settings and environments as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT).

‘’I am so proud to have seen Smartbox evolve as a company but also their dedication to values which have always aligned with mine.’’

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