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Posted on March 27, 2018

Release notes for the latest Grid update

Grid version 3.0.32 is now available with the following features and big fixes.

New features

  • New “Forward” command for SMS users, enabling you to copy your message and send it to a new recipient 
  • Improvements to Gewa Environment Control, making it easier to set up and transmit several codes in a row
  • Zoom to click now zooms in off the edges of the screen, for better corner access
  • Choose to accept your switch on press rather than release, with new Switch presses settings. The option to “Accept on switch press” has a natural feel and will be the default setting for new switch users
  • New “Show only when available” command to hide a cell if that particular feature is not configured or available on your device. You can choose to hide eye gaze cells for example if you are using a device without an eye gaze camera. This could be handy for grid designers, creating alternative versions for different access methods
  • You can now add grid sets created in The Grid 2 to Grid for iPad, using Online Grids
  • New Back up & Restore feature in Grid for iPad settings
  • Import grid sets into Grid for iPad from other apps such as Dropbox or email, by using the “Browse for grid sets” option in the Add grid set window
  • Language support for Arabic

Bug fixes

  • Scanning could continue after releasing your switch
  • Alea eye gaze software could sometimes cause the touch screen to stop working in Grid 3
  • Word list items would not always save when using the “Add to word list” command
  • Grid sets could temporarily lose their thumbnails
  • Removing a word list items using the search filter would cause Grid for iPad to crash
  • Fixed an issue where unable to add new pronunciations

Content updates

  • Super Core is now available with PCS symbols
  • Improvements to grammar for vocabulary on People, Jobs, Family, Friends and School grids – making it easier to say phrases like “My sister is…” as the verb “be” will change accordingly
  • Updated Widgit symbol for “go”

If you are using Super Core, you will need to re-add the grid set to get the latest Super Core features (version 1.3).

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