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Posted on April 30, 2018

Release notes for the latest Grid update

Grid version 3.0.33 is now available with the following features and bug fixes.

New features

  • Share your grid set when you’re in Edit mode, with the new “Export grid set” option. This feature has been added in to make sharing more convenient – so you don’t have to go back to Grid Explorer each time when you are editing
  • New “Set home grid” command for creating cells that change which grid is the home grid. This could be handy for grid designers who are making alternative versions of a grid set, or for users who want to be able to switch between different versions
  • New “Improve calibration” command for EyeTech eye gaze cameras, that starts a single-point calibration to correct any gaze offset issues
  • Grid 3 will now show you an alert if your EyeTech eye gaze camera needs updating, and update it for you
  • There is a new option for computer control that moves the pointer ‘live’ as you look at the screen, then dwells to click. You may also notice that the access options have been renamed to help explain what each one does
  • New option to remove users that you have remotely edited in the past, and no longer need to support
  • The new Grid for iPad … menu makes it easy to find and explore all the options available to you, for the set up of your app and your grid sets. You can hide this menu from the iPad Settings, if you want to make it inaccessible to your user
  • You can now share your grid sets to Online Grids using Grid for iPad
  • The Hebrew grid sets  Hakol Kalul, Efshar Lomar and Siman Kriaa (excluding PCS symbols) are now available in Grid for iPad with an in-app purchase


Bug fixes

  • Blank word list cells could fill with a repeated phrase
  • Audio feedback would not always speak the correct words on write cells with the grammar set to verb
  • When removing multiple cell symbols in Grid 3, changes would not always be saved when leaving editing mode
  • Grid set analysis didn’t always show all symbols for a given library
  • Commands to change computer control dwell click time would not always work as expected
  • Some Grid for iPad voices could stutter and eventually stop speaking
  • Backing up a user on Grid for iPad would sometimes show an error message

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