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Posted on June 12, 2018

Release notes for the latest Grid update

Grid version 3.0.34 is now available with the following features and bug fixes.

New features

  • All Acapela, CereProc and Nuance voices that are available in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad are now included in our software for free
  • PCS symbols are now available in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad, free of charge. This will give you access to the standard symbol libraries from Widgit, SymbolStix and PCS with no additional cost
  • The new “Find word” feature helps you find a word within your grid set, and teaches you how to get there. You can use this feature to hide and reveal words from your vocabulary too. Find word is also available as a command that you can add to the keyboard in your grid set. 
  • Turn on “Fast typing” for a quicker dwell speed on your keyboard when using eye gaze or a pointer. Fast typing won’t affect the other cells in your grid set, helping to avoid accidental selections. There is also a “Fast typing on cell” command if you want to add a short dwell to other cells too. (To use this feature you will need to turn on Fast typing in Settings – Access – Eye gaze/Pointer – Activation)
  • New, simpler eye gaze settings make it easier for you to find and adjust you Activation, Calibration, Camera and Computer control settings

Bug fixes

  • Symbols were sometimes not saved when editing a Write cell 
  • Alea eye gaze cameras would remain active, even when it couldn’t see your eyes
  • Videos sometimes played in the wrong orientation
  • The Copy command did not work in the Grid 3 web browser
  • Grid for iPad could not always connect to the App Store when renewing subscriptions
  • Remote editing was not possible during the 30-day Grid for iPad free trial

Content updates

Updated versions of these grid sets will be available from Online Grids. You will need to re-add the grid sets to get the latest features.

Text Talker

  • Text Talker now lets you choose between QWERTY and ABC keyboards, from the settings screen within the grid set
  • You can Fast typing on and off, directly from the Settings grid
  • The new Message banking options enable you to record your messages straight into Text Talker

Super Core

  • Super Core is now available in PCS (UK English), SymbolStix (US) and Widgit (UK and US English)
  • The new Find word feature has now been built-in to Super Core. Go to your keyboard grid and type your word, Super Core will then show you where to find the word

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