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Posted on March 27, 2019

Release notes for the latest Grid update

Grid update 41 is now available with the following features and bug fixes.

New features

    • New keyboard shortcuts in Grid to help you navigate quickly using a keyboard. Alt+Home will take you to the home grid, ALT+Left Arrow will jump back to the previous grid, and F11 will bring up Edit mode
      If you are using a laptop and Home is located on your Left Arrow, you will need to hold down your function key to use the home shortcut (Fn+Alt+Home).

      • A day-month-year format is now available for user back-ups – popular with UK users
      • You can now watch videos or movies that you have purchased on Google Play using YouTube
        Purchased videos are found in your library, which you can navigate to from the YouTube menu using the arrows in your YouTube or Web browser grid set.

Bug fixes

    • Irisbond eye gaze user would experience a stop error when battery was low
    • You can now scroll down when you are in the Message banking window in Settings
    • Dwell is now easier to use and no longer requires a click to unhighlight cells, for people using eye gaze or pointer access
    • Viewing lots of large documents and notes could sometimes cause Grid 3 to crash
    • Computer Control would freeze when following a jump using voice activation
    • Adding a Web browser cell to a grid would cause Grid 3 to crash
    • Grid for iPad subscription renewal issues have been resolved

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