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Posted on May 6, 2016

Get ready to make some noise with Soundbox!

The Soundbox grid set enables anyone who uses Grid 3 to start making some music. It is made up of three fun activities that can be controlled using any type of alternative access, including touch, switch and eye gaze.

The activities are designed to be ‘no-fail’ so everyone can enjoy using them. With bright and responsive visual feedback and some great funky loops, Soundbox is a fantastic, free addition to Grid 3.


Preview and select loops for drums, bass, guitar and keyboard. Once you have chosen your grooves hit play to hear the complete track.

Select the instrument, then use the numbered cells to choose the loop you want. Each track has 7 different loops which stay in time and key. Volume buttons let you pump up the sound and once finished the completed track will play with live visualization!

Screenshot (20)


Mix and match your beats by choosing different combinations to make fresh new tracks.

All the tracks play together, or can be muted to solo each channel. Swap between instruments to build your song; it’s as easy as that.

Screenshot (23)


Create your own chilled out rhythm with bouncing visual feedback using the Beats activity. Use the plus and minus cells to add and remove drum tracks and samples to create an evolving soundscape.

Screenshot (25)

Easy Access

The Soundbox grid set has been built from the ground up to be accessed however you want, using eye gaze, switch, head pointer or touch.

Downloading Soundbox

Soundbox is a free grid set for Grid 3 and can be downloaded through Online Grids. To use Soundbox you need to be using the latest version of Grid 3 (Grid 3.0.10 and above).

How to download Soundbox in Grid 3

– Choose Add grid set from the Grid explorer menu (F10)

– Select Online Grids

– In the search box type Soundbox

– Select Soundbox, and click Next.

You’ll see a description of the grid set. Click OK to download and install.

Download Soundbox online

You can also visit Online Grids to download the Soundbox grid set file.

Download now


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