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Posted on September 29, 2023

We are currently making changes to whole phrases which are available in Grid. Firstly, we have updated the pre-stored phrases found in our text based vocabularies. This is available in version 88 of Grid (October 2023).

A second change coming in November (Version 88), affects the chat history phrases which come pre-programmed into Grid.

Remember to update Grid, and re-add your grid set to see the updates.

Pre-stored phrases

These can be found in the Messages section of Fast Talker and Fast Talker Large Cell, and in the Quick Phrases section of Text Talker, and are now the same in all three vocabularies.

They are arranged into ten categories, with ten messages per category. This has reduced the total number of phrases, making them easier to search and learn whilst also leaving plenty of space to add your own messages. The updated categories are designed to be useful in a range of contexts, from everyday conversations to specific situations such as medical appointments.

This change will only be seen if you add a new copy of Fast Talker or Text Talker from MenuAdd grid setsText communication.

Chat history

These are the phrases that you will see in the chat history section of a grid set when make a new user. As you speak your own phrases these will be added to your chat history as usual.

The new chat history list has been reduced to 1,000 phrases which are much more relevant and useful, making it easier to find the phrase you want. This change will only be seen if you make a new user. It will not affect existing users.

All changes have been made in English and Spanish initially, with other languages to follow.

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