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Posted on January 23, 2017

Printing in Grid 3

You can now print from Grid 3 (you may need to update your software to see this feature). When you have a grid set open, you will see a print icon in the menu.

The keen-eyed among you will have spotted that there are now four options for printing in Grid 3:

  • Your writing area
  • Your current grid
  • All grids
  • Selected grids

Printing your writing area

If there is something in your writing area, then the option to Print writing will automatically be selected. This feature great for instantly capturing work to keep a record of achievement! You can now also choose your own font size.

print your writing area

Printing your current grid or grid set

You can print your current grid by selecting the Print current grid option from the drop down menu.

Selecting Print all grids will allow you to print all the grids in your grid set. 1, 2 or 4 grids can be printed per page.

Print your current grid

Printing selected grids from a grid set

If you want to print a selection of grids, you can do so under Print selected grids and clicking 1 Grid selected. Select your chosen grids from the new window that will open.

Choose selected grids to print

Printing low tech resources

There are times when it’s not always practical to have your AAC device with you, but it is essential you are not left without a voice! This is where printing grid sets to use as a low tech resource can be really handy.

Take bath time for instance, you are not going to want to get an AAC device wet. Having a laminated low tech copy of a grid to take in the bath with you means that you can keep communicating despite your wet environment.

It’s also good to have a low tech back up of your AAC system for emergencies.


If you support someone who uses AAC, having a low-tech version of their grids can encourage others around them to model their language. You could also create a small printed version of their essential grids and carry them with you to model language wherever you are – it could also be a nice teaching tool!

Create SLT activities/resources

Being able to print selected grids means you can go one step further and cut out individual symbols to create SLT activities and resources – like modelling sentence construction by physically building the sentence, or teaching symbols and categorisation.

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