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Posted on October 27, 2017

Simple AAC – 8. Add Words

Once an AAC learner begins to use single words, you can start to support their language by showing them how to ADD WORDS to what they have said.

For example, if they request some more juice to drink by using the word “more”, you could show them “more juice”.

If they comment that they can see a “car”, you could show them how to say “red car” or “fast car”.

If the AAC learner is starting to use two words together, you can do exactly the same.

If they said “more juice” you could show them “want more juice” or even “I want more”, always just adding one or two more words to what they have said.

Remember too, you don’t have to point to every single word whilst you speak.

You can just point to the most important ones.

So, if they say “bubble” you could repeat back “yes, it’s a BIG BUBBLE”, “let’s BLOW a BUBBLE”.

Just beyond their current language level

The aim is to be using language that is just beyond the learner’s current level of language, to support them to develop their language skills.

Sometimes, this is called scaffolding, because you are building support around the learner’s level of language, to bridge the gap between this, and more advanced language.

They don’t need to repeat you

It’s important though not expect the AAC user to repeat what you have said.

We want it to feel as though we are confirming what they have said is correct, and showing them what else they could say, not trying to correct them.

By asking them to repeat what we have said, the learner might think that what they said was wrong, or not good enough.

If you pause and the learner spontaneously repeats what you have said though, of course you can say well done!



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