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Posted on April 25, 2017

In my previous blog post, I spoke about using Grid 3 in the classroom and how it can be used for both AAC and learning. Today I am following this up with three key features of Grid 3 that make it such a great tool for the classroom.

These are just a few of the features in the software that I would use if I were teaching with Grid 3.

1. Word lists

I mention word lists a lot, but they really do have so much power for both AAC and classroom use. In the classroom, word lists allow you to quickly add topic words in to a grid – and you don’t even need to be in edit mode!

This Book review grid set uses word lists for opinions, likes/dislikes and recommendations – which can be easily adapted to personalise comments.

Book Review grid set

Download Book Review

2. Printing

This may be basic, but the ability to record a student’s work is so important. Using the new printing options in Grid 3, you can print the work a student has done in their writing area.

You can also print their whole grid to capture a full activity or create a low-tech resources.

This can all be done directly from the menu, without having to come out of the grid while the student is using the activity.

Have a look at this low-tech version of WordPower 100, which has been designed purely to be printed as a low-tech resource.

Low tech WordPower 100

Download WordPower 100 Low-Tech Version

3. Activation order and Single activation

Activation order and single activation are two of the newer features in Grid 3, and they have made creating educational activities an absolute delight!

Activation order allows you to create forced order activities. This is great for something like early sentence building for example, or a ready-made story like this Quickly, quickly, rescue, me grid set.quickly quickly rescue me grid set

Download Quickly, quickly, rescue, me

Single activation does as it says on the tin – allows you to select a cell only once. You could use this to create activities such as word searches and star charts.

Both features have so much to offer classroom activities.

Star chart in Classroom grids grid set

Download Classroom grids

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