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Posted on March 15, 2022

Ukrainian communication resources

Our Content Team has created six communication boards to help people quickly talk about their needs and health, using symbolised core words and medical vocabulary.

These boards are available in Ukrainian-English and Ukrainian-Polish. Ukrainian-German communication boards are coming soon.

Download Ukrainian-English communication boards

Download Ukrainian-Polish communication boards

Core word board

The core word board includes a range of single words that can be used in any situation for general communication (e.g. help open, want, go home). Short sentences may just use the most important words and not include little words like “to”, but the focus is on getting the message across and supporting someone to be understood and to understand.

Ukrainian-Polish core words


The keyboard can be used by someone to spell out words or sentences.

Medical boards

These four boards can be used to communicate about health and medical problems.

Body parts (left) and Body fluids (right)

The line drawings of a body could be used to indicate problems with a particular area, and some symptom words are provided alongside them.


The chat grid contains words to talk about symptoms and specific difficulties/illnesses, as well as rating scales which can be used to support someone to communicate about their pain, discomfort or how they are feeling.


How to use these boards

All of these boards can be used to communicate single words or simple phrases/sentences. Sometimes words might be pointed to, making a sentence without all of the little words, e.g. I want (to) play.

These boards could also be used to support communication between people who do not speak the same language.

For someone who is not able to point, for example, if they are ventilated or cannot use their arms, the person talking to them could point to each symbol/letter and wait for that individual to indicate yes/no to select each symbol/letter.

You can find out more about communicating with someone like this in the video below, made by one of the UK specialist AAC hubs:

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