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Posted on February 7, 2022

Why use the second screen?

The Grid Pad second screen adds a whole new way to communicate by showing your message at the front of your device.

This can be really helpful in a range of situations. It could be that you’re in a noisy environment like a pub or a classroom, where having your message shown on the front of your device helps you communicate.

It can also be useful if you want to communicate with someone without audio – for example if you’re in a quiet setting where you want to be discreet.

The design of the second screen also means that your message is clearly visible from various angles – even when someone is standing to one side of you.

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See the second screen in action:

5 ways to use the second screen:

These options are available within the user accessible settings grid in most vocabularies.

1. Speak as you type options
Turn on Speak as you type to display each word as you type it, and turn off Speak as you type to display the message once you have finished your sentence and have selected ‘speak’. When you turn Speak as you type off, animated dots will appear while you type so people know not to interrupt you.

Find additional options for Speak as you type in Menu – Settings – Speech. Here you can toggle between Sentences, Words, Characters and if speaking should be enabled whilst using Computer Control.

2. Display symbols
You’ll notice that if you’re using symbols – these also appear on the second screen, which is ideal for communicating with anyone who benefits from symbols, to support their understanding of language. Use the second screen symbols command to toggle symbols on and off.

You can even turn on symbols on your second screen if you don’t use them yourself, but you’re talking to someone who does. Go to Settings – Computer – Second Screen, and select Always show symbols from the drop down box.

3. Add a Symoji
Symoji is a fun animated feature for your second screen that allows you to add meaning or emotion to something you’ve said, or communicate a whole idea or feeling with just one click.

You can find Symoji pre-built into Super Core, Voco Chat, Text Talker and Fast Talker.

4. Turn it off and on
Toggle the second screen on and off using the second screen Command.

5. Display without audio
If you want to display your message privately without audio, make sure the second screen is turned on, and mute your device.


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