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Posted on April 21, 2016



We are very pleased to announce that the popular YouTube for Kids grid set has been updated for Grid 3.

This fun, easy to use grid set offers individuals a simple, straightforward, all access way to use YouTube safely.

The grid set is ready to go with a selection of 9 popular categories to pick from.

YouTube for Kids is:

  • A fun way to motivate individuals
  • Suitable for all access methods
  • Supports choice making
  • A safe way to watch videos online

As well as being a great stand alone grid set, this grid set can be integrated within other grid sets and can be used with any alternative access.

Download YouTube for Kids

Using YouTube for Kids to develop skills for AAC

Daisy, a speech and language therapist and member of our assessment team, explores some of the ways in which YouTube for Kids can help to engage children using an AAC device and develop transferable skills for communication.

For children just starting to use AAC, choosing their own video to watch is a really motivating activity, helping the child to see that by choosing one of the search cells they are taken to another page full of videos about that topic.

An adult may then facilitate the child to choose which video, before modelling how to play/pause the video for a variation of a stop/go activity.

Home Grid showing 9 category options

The grid includes some ideas of video categories (who doesn’t love funny animals!), but for the best results, just quickly change the word list cells to topics you know the child will love.

simplified set
Simplified Grid Set

For some children, it might be helpful to reduce the number of choices to search from to start with, which can be done quickly by just deleting some of the word list cells. Those users who are more experienced with AAC can search for videos independently, with the symbol supported key board, and control the playback.

Personalised search and search results

The grid set can even be used to encourage literacy development: the keyboard with symbol supported prediction is a great way to encourage a child to try spelling out words relating to their favourite topic, and be rewarded by getting to watch that video.


Editing the grid set

Editing a cell

To change the content of a cell and effect the search results you can edit the word list (word lists enable you to populate whole grids quickly and easily):

  1. Enter editing mode (F11 shortcut)
  2. Select the cell you would like to edit
  3. From the left hand column, select ‘edit’ on the word list options.

    Editing a word list
  4. Here you can change the word and edit the image with the word list

Editing the appearance of the grid

As mentioned before by Daisy, some children may benefit from a reduction in selections. The editing tool in Grid 3 means the set can be edited and personalised to suit the user. You can:

  • Change the size and number of cells
  • Change the font size, style and colour
  • Change/ remove any cells
  • Alter row height and column width

Share your YouTube grids

Using Online Grids within Settings you can share, search, find and install grid sets.

Have fun and happy watching!

Download YouTube for Kids


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