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Symbol communication

Communicate quickly and develop literacy

Text communication

Powerful communication for literate users


Environment control, computer access and accessible apps

Symbol communication

WordPower 100

This powerful grid set combines core vocabulary, spelling and word prediction to create a comprehensive resource for efficient communication. It utilises the fact that a core vocabulary of 100 words accounts for 48% of all words spoken. It has been developed by renowned Speech and Language Pathologist, Nancy Inman and is suitable for non-verbal people that have developing literacy.

WordPower 100 is included with Grid 3

Explore WordPower 100 and find out more


Symbol Talker A – D

Our Symbol Talker grid sets included with Grid 3 are a great start for AAC beginners. Each step gradually increases complexity and introduces core vocabulary, topics and additional features. Smart grammar tools and prediction make saying what you want easier than ever.

Symbol Talker A, B, C and D are included with Grid 3

Explore Symbol Talker A – D



PODD for Grid 3 expands on the PODD communication books, offers flexible editing so you can tailor vocabulary in seconds, is ready to go straight out of the box and has unrivaled access integration.

For the first time, PODD 60 is also available for Grid 3. Providing more choices, more efficient communication and more opportunity for progression with PODD.

Find out more about PODD



Beeline offers a large, single word or short common phrase vocabulary with a view to generating novel sentences. The majority of the high frequency core vocabulary is accessed by one or two selections with a maximum of three selections for the majority of words.

Beeline is included with Grid 3

Explore Beeline


Vocabulary for Life

Vocabulary for Life is aimed at young adults who have experience of low and/or high tech AAC.

Vocabulary for Life is included with Grid 3

Find out more


First Words

First Words is a fun and interactive learning tool included with our Grid 3 software package. The grid set provides an exciting, engaging and educational resource for children at the beginning of their communication journey. Amigo, an animated robot, is on hand to help users learn and speak their first words.

First Words is included with Grid 3

Find out more and find resources for First Words

Text communication

Fast Talker 3

The Fast Talker 3 grid set included with Grid 3 provides our most powerful tools for text-based communication, alongside accessible apps for Facebook, Twitter, SMS and much more. Fast Talker 3 makes use of Grid 3’s powerful predication and chat history features to make saying what you want, how you want, easier than ever.

Fast Talker 3 is included with Grid 3

Learn more about Fast Talker 3


Computer Control

Computer Control in Grid 3 puts you in the driving seat, with all of the tools you need to access your computer using eye gaze, pointing devices or switch. Grid sets enable you to control every application you need for home, school or work.

Computer Control and Computer Control for Switches are included with Grid 3

Explore Computer Control in Grid 3


Servus Environment control

The Servus Environment control grid sets allow you to control the world around you. Use out-of-the-box settings to control your TV, media player, hi-fi and more. Take control of physical switches and operate lights, windows, fans and even doors and intercoms.

With both simple and full grid sets available, Servus Environment control is ideal when paired with our Grid Pad communication aids.

Servus Environment Control and Simple Servus are included with Grid 3

Explore Servus Environment Control in Grid 3


Amazon Echo for Grid 3

The Echo is a hands-free speaker that you control with your voice. By bringing Amazon’s Echo functionality to Grid 3, you can access a whole new range of interactive features to make life easier. Control your smart home devices, listen to (almost) any song you can think of, hear the latest news, play games, ask questions and have fun!

Find out more about Amazon Echo for Grid 3

Share your grids with the world with Online Grids

Online Grids lets Grid 3 users across the globe browse and share grid sets. Created a great resource for the classroom or made a grid that controls a new game or piece of software? Upload it and share it with the world!

Explore Online Grids

Downloading and adding grid sets

Grid sets are accessed through the Add grid set menu in Grid 3. From here you can add all the grid sets available for Grid 3 as well as variations with different languages, symbols and access methods. Grid sets are organised by category and you can also access shared community grids.

New to Grid 3?

Grid 3 is a complete platform for communication allowing you to speak, text, email, browse the web and control the world around you. Grid 3 supports a huge number of access methods to make assistive communication centered on your needs.

Download Grid 3 now for a full 60-day trial. You can try the full suite of grid sets to find out what Grid 3 can do for you.

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