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Capture your voice for Grid 3

Your own voice in Grid 3

Smartbox have teamed up with CereProc to enable users to create a digital version of their voice for use with our text-to-speech resources in Grid 3.

CereProc engineers have created a simplified process which captures the nuances in the speech of an individual and creates a digital representation of their voice. Within a few hours you can capture a recording in your own home, to use with any Grid 3 communication device.


Hear the quality

Listen to the below sound bites to compare Gina’s spoken voice and synthetic voice.



CereVoice Me

Easy to create

Voice cloning can be carried out to bank the voice of a person who knows they will lose the capacity for speech, either through an illness such as motor neurone disease (ALS) or due to the effect of a operations such as a laryngectomy. A user who has already lost the ability to speak could also select a family member or friend to act as a donor to create a voice that has familiarities in tone, accent and dialect.

Using Grid 3 a voice can then be tweaked using pitch and speed settings – so no two voices ever need to sound the same.


To create a voice:

requestaquote100 Add a CereVoice Me voice recording session to your quote
payment100v2 Place an order and receive a CereVoice Me licence code and headset
webpage Visit the CereProc website and create an account
record100 Login via the CereProc store to redeem the code and begin recording

As the capture process is web based, a voice can be created on a home computer without the need for specialist equipment or a studio environment (though quiet surroundings are recommended). Cereproc will send you a headset in the post which they recommend you use to receive the best results. Throughout the process, on screen prompts walk you through a specially designed script. The collected audio data is then used to create a SAPI TTS voice file.

When your voice is ready Cereproc will return it to you by email.

Easy to use

Typically, voice capture requires capturing a large amount of recorded speech and a significant amount of post production work.

The CereVoice Me creation method is all captured online which is extremely beneficial to the user who may have barriers that prevent easy travel to recording locations.

Compatibility with the voice files is a feature already built in to Grid 3 so, once the file has been created, it will be recognised by the software and offered as an option within your User Settings.

You can use your voice on all of your communication devices, if you have more than one.

Our Grid Pad devices are compatible with up to version 5 of CereVoice voice files.

Help and support

Not sure you have all the information you need? Then our Support Team are here to help. You can find all of our contact information via our Support page. We can help you through the purchasing process, offer support through the voice creation process and advise on how to use your voice on our Grid 3 devices.


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