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Emego is an easy to use EMG switch which can be used to access your AAC device

Responsive wireless muscle switch

Emego is a simple to use body sensor that can detect tiny movements of muscles. From fingers and toes to eye muscles and jaw clenches, the Emego can pick up incredibly slight movements and transmit these to your AAC device as switch inputs.

The Emego can be used on its own, or alongside other access methods.

Advanced wireless technology

The Emego’s sensor is dry-fit so does not require any skin preparation or messy gels and as a Class 1 medical device, can be used safely anywhere on the body. The sensor pairs to the base unit wirelessly with Bluetooth LE for a reliable and fast connection.

Developed with users

Emego was developed with input from Barnsley Hospital and their assistive technology team to ensure its accuracy and reliability meets the needs of users.

The result is a discrete, wireless sensor with a long battery life. Wireless charging keeps clutter to a minimum and the optional Emego View software gives in-depth control over the signal processing in real time.

Emego View

Analyse and adjust the Emego signal with the included Emego View software. Designed to allow clinicians and carers to gain valuable insights and make fine adjustments

Compatible with Grid 3

Emego can easily be setup to be used with Grid 3 as a switch access device. The base unit can connect directly to the 3.5mm ports of your Grid Pad or via USB to any other AAC device. Either way you connect the base unit, it is accessible in Grid 3 without installing additional drivers or software.

Using Switches

Grid 3 supports many different switch interactions, each designed to help make selections in a way that suits you.

Scan cells, columns or blocks to focus in on the grid to activate, choose letters, commands and more.

Frequency keyboards

Inside Text Talker and Alpha Core, literate users can switch to frequency based keyboards. These keyboard layouts arrange the keys by those that appear most frequently in the first 1-2 letters of a word, as well as overall in the English language. Combined with Grid’s Chat History and prediction features, sentences can be written faster and more effectively with fewer switch activations.

Patient Unit:

Size: 46 x 26 x 16mm
Weight: 25g
Water resistance: IP44
Battery type: Li-ion (3.7V Nominal) rechargeable
Battery life: 8 – 10 Hours
Frequency response: 4 – 200Hz

Emego Base Unit:

Size: 150 x 92 x 28mm
Weight: 260g
Water resistance: IP40
Battery type: Li-ion (3.7V Nominal) rechargeable
Battery life: 8 – 10 Hours

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