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Grid 3 puts you in control

There are many commands in Grid 3 that put you in control; you can enable or disable different access methods, adjust the speed and timing of your access and even recalibrate eye gaze. All of this is possible from within Grid 3 using your alternative access method.

Pointing devices

Any device that acts as a mouse to move the pointer can be used with Grid 3. You can choose how cells are highlighted, with options for magnifying a cell and changing the colour of the border or background.


If you use touch to control your device Grid 3 has settings to make things easier. We have created a built-in Virtual Key Guard that disregards unwanted screen presses. You can also choose whether you want your first touch, or when you lift off the screen, to be the action that makes a selection.

Eye gaze

Grid 3 can be accessed using a choice of eye gaze cameras. Eye gaze settings are all available from within Grid 3, so you can tweak them on the go, like with our convenient Eye Gaze Monitor, which shows you how you are positioned in front of the camera. How you make a selection is also up to you. Now, in addition to the Dwell visual indicator, you have the option of using our innovative new feature, Zoom to Click, when controlling your computer.

Cameras supported by Grid 3:

  • myGaze Assistive 2
  • Alea Cam30
  • Alea Cam30NT
  • EyeTech TM5
  • SeeTech
  • Tobii PC Eye Mini
  • Tobii PC Eye Go
  • Tobii i-Series



Scanning with switches in Grid 3 is a new experience, with features that have not been available until now. Such as the Scan Progress Indicator – an innovative tool that helps you anticipate when the item you want will be highlighted. There are also many other settings in Grid 3 to make scanning more efficient for you. You can group cells into blocks, rows and columns, advance the scan automatically or manually, use additional switches and adjust switch timings.

Multiple switches

Alternatives to scanning, when using more than one switch, include using four switches or a joystick to move up, down, left and right. There is also the option to activate Switch Elimination, where grids are broken up into groups you can then select directly with the corresponding switch.

Voice activation with Hey Grid 3

You can also control Grid 3 and activate cells with your voice using our Hey Grid 3 voice activation feature.

We call voice activation ‘Hey Grid 3’ because that’s the preset wake up phrase – so Grid 3 isn’t always listening and responding to everything you say – but you can change it to whatever you like!

The voice activation tools are particularly useful for individuals who have speech but use assistive technology to control their environment.

Find out more about environment control

Audio feedback

In Grid 3 you also have the option to use audio highlighting, so a description of the cell or a sound will be played before you make a selection. Audio highlighting can use a different audio device to your main speech, allowing you to use a wired headphone or Bluetooth headset for audio highlighting, and a louder speaker for your voice.

Designed for access

Grid 3 has been designed to work effortlessly with every type of alternative access. Considering access throughout development means that all of our features and settings are integrated and simple to adjust as your needs change.

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