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Changing your voice

To change your voice in Grid 3 follow these steps

Go to Settings > Speech > Speaking > Voices.

Here you will see all your installed voices and those available to download.

Select Listen to hear a demo and once you have found a voice you want to use select OK.

You can also use the drop down box to see voices available in other languages.


Hear for yourself

Peter  Male adult (Pitch 41%, Speed 60%)


Lucy  Female adult (Pitch 50%, Speed 50%)


Harry  Male child (Pitch 69%, Speed 39%)


Rosie  Female child (Pitch 34%, Speed 56%)


Tailor your voice

Grid 3 lets you tweak any installed voice so you can create a voice individual to you. Change the pitch and speed of your voice to sound how you want and use the pronunciation tools to sound out uncommon words correctly.

Audio feedback

Use any voice to send audio feedback while Grid 3 is in use. This can be sent to separate speakers or headphones that only you can hear, before speaking your complete sentences.

Alternative speech engines

Grid 3 supports voices from Acapela, Nuance, Real Speak, Cereproc, Speak Unique, Model Talker and more.


Recording your own voice

Grid 3 can also support custom voices recorded by you. This growing technology can capture your voice and let your personality shine. Grid 3 will support a number of voice providers working with this technology. For more information please get in touch with us.


Message banking in Grid 3

Use the Message banking features to record personal phrases in your own voice, and continue to say them exactly how you would want them to sound.

Message banking was designed to enable people who still have speech to record personal phrases using their natural voice and intonation.

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Voice banking for Grid 3

We have partnered with Cereproc, one of the world’s leading speech engine companies to offer a brand new service.

CereVoice Me is the revolutionary online voice cloning tool for English speaking voices. You can create a digital version of your own voice for use on any Smartbox communication device.

Family members and friends can also donate their voice, which you can tweak using Grid 3.

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