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Explore and learn with Grid Pad School Edition

Grid Pad School Edition is an exciting new product that has been created for the special needs classroom.

It has been developed in partnership with Inclusive Technology and includes a large powerful tablet device with the latest eye gaze technology.

The Grid Pad School Edition is packed with features and software to help children learn and realise their potential.

The best of Smartbox and Inclusive Technology

The device is loaded with essential features for the classroom, including eye gaze access using a myGaze Assistive 2 camera, high quality audio and ports for any alternative access, so every child in your classroom can take part and has the opportunity to communicate.

A range of over 300 activities provide a pathway of learning, for every point of the communication journey, from learning cause and effect to curriculum access.

What’s inside the box?

In this exclusive bundle you receive everything you need to get started and achieve with eye gaze in the classroom. Inside the box you will find:

  • Grid Pad School Edition tablet
  • myGaze Assistive 2 eye gaze camera
  • Smoothie switch
  • Inclusive Eye Gaze Learning Curve
  • Look to Learn
  • Help Kidz learn*
  • Eye Can Fly
  • ChooseIt! Maker 3*
  • Grid 3
  • Classroom pack with guides and manuals

*12 month subscription

Inclusive Eye Gaze Learning Curve

The Inclusive Eye Gaze Learning Curve includes 54 fun and meaningful activities that can be used with any student trying eye gaze – from assessment to understanding cause and effect, through to using eye gaze for communication, learning and play.

Look to Learn

Look to Learn and the Scenes and Sounds add on pack are a motivating and fun way to get started with eye gaze technology for every student. A no-fail collection of over 66 activities that introduce and expand essential skills.

Help Kidz Learn

HelpKidzLearn has been specially designed to meet the needs of teachers, therapists and carers working with students with physical difficulties, visual impairment, intellectual disabilities and communication difficulties. More than 100 activities can be played online using your own account.

Eye Can Fly

The world’s first magical flying adventure designed especially for eye gaze devices.
Let Aimee guide you through 24 unique and exciting missions.

ChooseIt! Maker 3

ChooseIt! Maker 3 provides easy to use tools for creating a variety of choice making activities to meet individual and classroom needs.

With ChooseIt! Maker 3’s new and carefully designed ‘easy flow’ editor, you can turn photographs, symbols, text and sounds into a personalised activity for eye gaze users in minutes.

Grid 3

Grid 3 is a powerful tool for the inclusive classroom, with tools for symbol and text communication, access to the curriculum, ready-made content and much more.

We put communication at the heart of all we do and believe this is the key to a supportive classroom. From pre AAC to sophisticated resources for literate students, there are grid sets to create opportunities for everyone.

051214smartbox-027Try Grid Pad School Edition in your classroom

Our eye gaze clinics have been very popular in special schools across the country. They are available to anyone that wants to try our technology with more than one person. A member of our team will come to your school and spend a day working with your pupils to trial eye gaze technology – there is no charge for a clinic day.

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