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The Servus Controller is a small Windows based tablet computer that takes complete control of your world. Running our Grid 3 software and with a BackBox of environmental controllers, the switch interface and additional USB port, the Servus 10 Controller has everything you need to control everything from TV’s, DVD players, plugs, lights, curtains and more.

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Control Everything

The controller can be use with a wide array of accessories and home devices.

The GEWA infra-red controller can capture and replay signals from nearly any remote control. Control TVs, music centres, DVD and Bluray players. Anything with an infrared remote can be used from the Servus 10.


EasyWave and Z-Wave radio control for devices which do not need a line-of-sight. Mains plug accessories can be configures to switch on and off allowing you to control lights, fans, phones and more.

Networked devices can be controlled such as phones, tablets and other computers.

Access Options

The powerful Grid 3 software allows for control with touch, switches, voice and any USB input device. Regardless of how you interact with the Controller, you are always in control.

UK Resellers

The following companies are fully qualified to install environment control systems including and their engineers are trained in the use of Servus. They are also used by the NHS to provide environment control systems.

DH2 Solutions

RSL Steeper Ltd

Toby Churchill

Servus Controller
Operating system Windows 10
Software Grid 3
Processor Intel Core 0.8GHz
Memory 4GB
Hard drive 128GB
Graphics Intel® HD Graphics
Dimensions (mm) 310 x 200 x 50
Weight (kg) 1
Battery life Up to 6hrs
Screen 11″ 1080p
Eye gaze camera None
Access Touchscreen, switch, USB input
Connectivity Wi-fi, bluetooth
Ports 2 x USB2.0, 1 x USB3.0, 3.5mm Speaker Out, Micro SD, Micro HDMI, Auditory Feedback Port
Switch access 2 x 3.5mm jacks radio switch (additional extra)
Amplified speaker No Additional speaker – Audio from Servus Tablet only
Environment control Servus inside – Gewa, Eldat or Z-wave, radio switch receiver
Wheelchair mounting None
Warranty 2 years free warranty

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