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Say more with Super Core

Quickly access over 2,500 of the most commonly used words and phrases – organised in a consistent and meaningful way to help you find the words you need.



Who is Super Core for?

Super Core is intended for people of any age, who use AAC to communicate. It is suitable for a range of users, including those who are:

  • Just starting to explore symbol communication
  • Wanting a more comprehensive range of vocabulary with powerful grammar tools
  • Using any access method

You’ll find lots of vocabulary relating to daily, play and leisure activities, making it easier to learn and explore language with activities that are fun and familiar – and encourage AAC to be used all day, every day!

Key features

  • Comprehensive core vocabulary
  • 2,500 of the most useful and commonly used words and phrases
  • Everyday, activity-specific language
  • Choose from child or teen and adult vocabulary
  • Over 70 topic grids
  • Simple Learning grids for very early AAC learners to explore language
  • Easy sentence building with smart grammar tools
  • Simplified apps for sending emails, using social media and more
  • Available in two sizes
  • Suitable for any access method
  • Based on experience and grounded in research

Supported Languages

Now available in English (UK), English (US), French, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish,
Spanish (Spanish), Spanish (US), German, Dutch, Afrikaans

Available in 2 sizes

Super Core is available in two sizes, to suit the needs of different learners. Both versions have the exact same vocabulary, so you can access all of the same words and phrases.

Super Core 30

Available for learners who need fewer and larger cells on each grid. Words may take more selections to get to, but will be easier for some users to select.

Super Core 50

Suited to those who can manage smaller cells, with more on each grid.

What is core vocabulary?

Core vocabulary refers to the words we use all the time, in different situations, to talk about lots of different things (e.g. “I”, “go”, “want”, “this”, “is”, “of”). These useful words make up 80% of the phrases and sentences we speak.

The rest of what we say is made up of fringe vocabulary. These are the more specific words we use when we talk about certain things, like “horse”, “cloud”, “tomato” or “computer”.

The consistent core vocabulary in Super Core gives you a powerful way to communicate. You can select single words, build phrases and sentences, use smart grammar and next word suggestions – all without leaving the home screen.


Dynamic columns

Super Core uses dynamic columns to combine core words with activity-specific fringe vocabulary that focuses on real-life situations, everyday routines and play.

These two columns jump to a selection of useful grids, each filled with vocabulary for talking about daily activities, feelings, places, positions, time, school and more.

Topic grids

There are over 1,000 fringe words to discover in the topic grids. Each topic is organised semantically (by meaning) to help learners quickly find the words they need.

For example, you’ll find vehicles that fly grouped together in one column of the vehicles grid, and those that go on water in another.

Choose your vocabulary

When you add Super Core for the first time, you will be given the choice to select Child or Teen and Adult Super Core. This allows you to choose the most appropriate vocabulary for the user.

It also means that as a user gets older there is the option to expand their vocabulary when they are ready.

The Core and Extended Core remain the same between both. The key differences are within the Dynamic columns and the Topics grids.


  • Frequency-based core vocabulary
  • Focus on fun and familiar play activities e.g. bubbles and cars
  • Pre-stored messages for quick communication
  • Language for daily routines, e.g. washing and dressing
  • Child-friendly vocabulary for a range of topics

Teen and adult

  • Frequency-based core vocabulary
  • Focus on activities of daily living and leisure, e.g. hanging out
  • Editable phrase lists for increased independence
  • Additional language for adult topics, e.g. social care
  • Explicit language for adult use, e.g. swearing

Learning Grids

For users just beginning their AAC journey there is a selection of simplified Learning grids to explore, in two sizes. Ideal for those who are just starting to explore symbol communication, and may still be developing access skills.


Super Core is full of features to support language development, learning and literacy.

It focuses on the most functional, high frequency words that we use all the time – with single words, letters and phrases to support spontaneous, flexible and fast communication.

There are powerful tools for speed and grammar, enabling you to quickly build phrases, communicate meaning and explore grammatical structures.

Careful symbol selection combines the visually clearest and most easily explained symbols with those that are commonly used in special schools and those that are most relatable to a child’s everyday experiences.

Accessible apps

Super Core includes symbol supported accessible apps giving users the ability to take notes, control Alexa, listen to music, check the time, watch YouTube videos and more. These apps are found via the magic wand > apps.

The magic wand feature also allows users to quickly share their message as an email, SMS or note.

You can find out more about these features in our Getting started guide.

Please note that Environment Control, SMS and email are not available on Grid for iPad.


Super Core focuses on learning language through functional and motivating activities, with words repeated across grids to support learning in a range of contexts and scenarios. Where possible, if a word appears in multiple grids, it will appear in the same place.


The core vocabulary uses the Fitzgerald key layout and colour coding, to organise the different parts of speech and help users find the words they need to build their sentences. Words are also grouped together semantically, to help children find the words they need by meaning. You can read more about this in our Getting Started guide.


Super Core includes a phonetic keyboard for learners at any level of literacy development to explore letters and sounds. You can also access a range of other keyboards, including keyboards with prediction cells that you can introduce when appropriate.

Symbols are used selectively to encourage whole word learning for words that are harder to represent (e.g. the, a, of, but, could).

Reading is emphasised throughout Super Core, in daily, play and leisure activities, and education grids. You’ll also find story book vocabulary and phrases alongside core words, supporting learners to join in with story book reading.

Grounded in research

Super Core was developed by Smartbox Speech and Language Therapist Daisy Clay, and is based on robust research and experience in the field of AAC.  It is designed to provide functional yet simple vocabulary that supports language, learning and literacy development.

Super Core Communication Book

There is also a paper based adaptation of Super Core with over 2,000 words organised in a consistent and meaningful way.

Key features

  • Over 2,000 words at your fingertips
  • Always available core vocabulary
  • Easy to add and remove activities and topics
  • Colour-coded and numbered tabs for easy navigation
  • Tear and water resistant paper
  • Built with Widgit symbols

Find out more

Try Super Core today


Super Core is available in both Grid 3 and Grid for iPad in UK and US English, in all major symbol libraries.

Grid is our leading communication platform which lets you do so much more. You can explore many more grid sets, features and tools, with free trials available for both platforms.



Support materials and help

Find everything you need to support Super Core including manuals, communication boards, articles and more at the Smartbox Hub.

Super Core on the Smartbox Hub

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