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Experience success with symbol AAC

Super Core makes it easier for early AAC users to get started and experience success with symbol communication. It combines consistent core words, with activity-specific vocabulary, that focuses on real-life situations, everyday routines and play – to keep learners motivated and having fun!

Key features

  • Provides access to a full, consistent core vocabulary
  • Activity-specific grids for everyday situations – e.g. getting dressed
  • Easy sentence building with smart grammar tools
  • Users of a range of ability levels can explore vocabulary and learn meaning
  • Magic wand grid enables users to ‘fix’ words with tenses and plurals
  • Manageable cell count with 54 locations
  • Accessible with touch, switch, pointer and eye gaze access methods
  • Super Core Learning Grids with 12 or 20 cells, for individuals at the very early stages of learning to use AAC
  • Grounded in extensive research and experience in the field of AAC

What is core vocabulary?

It is the collection of words that we use all day that make up about 80% of what we say. Super Core combines these most commonly used words with activity-specific vocabulary – enabling you to communicate about different things, in different situations, to different people.

The single home grid of core vocabulary gives users a powerful way to communicate. They can select single words, build phrases and sentences, use smart grammar and next word suggestions – all without leaving the home screen.

Activity-specific AAC

Super Core uses activity-specific AAC in everyday situations. Words that are specific to an activity such as getting dressed, or playing with bubbles, arranged in two dynamic columns – ready for when you need them, right there in the moment.

Clear learning progression

With 12 and 20 cell Learning Grids, the transition to Super Core is designed to support language development every step of the way.

Super Core Learning Grids

The Super Core Learning grids are designed for users who are at an earlier stage of language development, and may still be learning and practicing their access method. They include the daily and play activity vocabulary from Super Core, alongside a simplified core vocabulary.

These additional grids are available with a lower cell count of 12 and 20 cells, and are designed to make the transition to Super Core easier.

Tools for speed and grammar

Super Core introduces powerful technology usually used in our keyboards, such as smart grammar and next word suggestions, making it easier for symbol users to quickly build phrases and clearly communicate meaning.

Super Core Smart Grammar

A magic wand grid enables users to ‘fix’ words, supporting use of tense and plurals.  While dynamically changing cells will present useful content based on the context of previous selections.


Functional, simple language

Super Core’s vocabulary has been carefully selected based on the words that children learn first when developing language, and the useful words that we use all time.

Topic and activity grids are kept simple, with a focus on the most essential and motivating words. There is also plenty of space to add more language and personalise the vocabulary to suit the learner.

Supporting AAC in everyday situations

Super Core enables parents and professionals to support AAC learners all day, everyday, in a variety of situations. The grid set is simple and intuitive to use when supporting a learner, and enables easy language modelling.

What is modelling?

We naturally model behaviours and skills everyday as a way of teaching. It simply means showing someone how something is done. The secret ingredient to modelling? To do more of it!


Teaching meaning

The words used are easy to respond to and attribute meaning to, even for people who are developing their understanding of words and symbols.

Words chosen for activity grids for instance, are the ones that make things happen – so you get the opportunity to respond to them in a meaningful way and show the learner what they mean.



Keeping learners motivated and having fun

Super Core includes lots of motivating vocabulary, to help learners have fun whilst developing their use of AAC.

The play activities included in Super Core are suitable for learners enjoying different types of play – from sensory cause and effect activities such as bubbles and balloons, to dressing up and pretend play with teddy or dolly.

Reading and developing literacy

Learners can join in with their favourite stories, with Super Core’s popular story book grids. Each story grid includes key story vocabulary and repeated lines.

There’s plenty of space to add your own favourite stories too!

Exploring sounds

The default keyboard in Super Core is a phonics keyboard, where you can hear the sounds made by each letter of the alphabet. Learners can use this to explore and play with sounds and letters.

There is also a grid full of environmental sounds, enabling users to listen to different sounds as part of early literacy teaching.

Grounded in research

Super Core was developed by Smartbox Speech and Language Therapist Daisy Clay, and is based on robust research and experience in the field of AAC.  It is designed to provide functional yet simple vocabulary that supports language, learning and literacy development.

Super Core is available on Grid for iPad and Grid 3. Select your platform, start your free trial, and try Super Core today.


Grid for iPad

Grid for iPad is a complete AAC solution that includes instant access to resources for symbol and text communication. The app includes content for different ages, conditions and levels of literacy.

Download Grid for iPad and try the 30-day free trial.

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Grid 3

Grid 3 is a complete AAC software package for Windows, designed to help you communicate and connect with the world around you. Start exploring our software today with our 60 day free trial, and find out what Grid 3 can do for you.

Find out more about Grid 3


Documents and resources

Check out our selection of Super Core resources – all designed to help you get the most out of using Super Core, and experience success with AAC.

Explore Super Core resources

Super Core Manual

Super Core video tutorial

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