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Grid Pad with eye gaze

Built for access, the Grid Pad has a unique camera module that adds eye gaze seamlessly (choose from Alea IntelliGaze, Irisbond Duo and EyeTech TM5 cameras). The Grid Pad camera unit offers complete control of the device, wherever you are. Mounting plates allow you to attach any other camera from our range.

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EyeTech TM5

Robust and easy to use, the EyeTech TM5 Mini is a versatile camera that is suitable for a wide range of situations.

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Irisbond Duo

Maximum accuracy and complete control even with head movement.

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Alea IntelliGaze

The Alea IntelliGaze (CAM30NT) is a powerful and accurate eye gaze camera.

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Tobii PCEye Mini

A small and versatile eye tracker.

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Eyegaze Edge® by Eyegaze Inc

The Eyegaze Edge® is a highly accurate camera that can predict your gaze point to 1/4 inch or less. The camera is designed to accurately track just one eye when needed with minimal infrared light, making it a good option for people with ventilators which can confuse other cameras that shine more infrared light across the whole face.  It can compensate well for individuals who have had lens replacement surgery or who have ptosis, mydriasis, strabismus, nystagmus or atypical pupil sizes

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Eye gaze software

Our range of software is fully eye gaze compatible. Learn new skills with Look to Learn by exploring visual scenes and playing games.

Grid 3 gives you complete control of your world, with complete eye gaze integration with natural features such as zoom to click.

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Eye gaze clinics

Our free eye gaze clinic days offer a great way to trial the power of eye gaze interaction with a number of potential users. We can work with 8-10 students or patients to explore a wide range of hardware and software whilst having fun and finding the solutions that will fit your classroom or hospital.

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Eye gaze in the classroom

We are specialists in working with eye gaze technology in the classroom. Our team have supported many pupils, implementing eye gaze as a shared resource for learning in the classroom. We aim to help students improve their eye gaze skills over time, improving accuracy for communication and computer access.

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