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Meet the Go, Pro and Eye

Grid Pad Go

Small, thin and lightweight, the Grid Pad Go provides the perfect solution for people using touch or switch access on a portable device.

Grid Pad Go

Grid Pad Pro

A powerful device that is packed full of features, the Grid Pad Pro includes high-quality audio, multiple access options and our Servus environment control.

Grid Pad Pro

Grid Pad Eye

Including all the features of the Pro model but with integrated eye gaze access. The Grid Pad Eye is available with a wide range of cameras to suit individual need.

Grid Pad Eye

Grid Pad School Edition

The complete eye gaze solution for the classroom from Smartbox and Inclusive Technology.

Explore the Grid Pad School Edition

Powered by the Grid

Our award-winning software, Grid 3, is included with every Grid Pad. It provides a complete AAC solution for people communicating with symbols, text or a combination of both. Other features include Computer Control, a complete suite of Accessible Apps, Interactive Learning resources and much more.


Engineered sound

Grid Pad users can be heard loud and clear thanks to the high quality speakers used with each device. The Smartbox Bluetooth Speaker is used with the Go and Rugged models to provide lightweight amplification that comes from the user rather than the device. The Grid Pad Pro and Grid Pad Eye have integrated speakers that are designed to project sound when used on a wheelchair or desk stand.

Servus environment control

Control devices around your home using the integrated environment control technology in the Grid Pad Pro and Grid Pad Eye. Inbuilt infrared technology replaces the remote controls that normally operate TV, music centres and other similar systems. Also included is radio control that can operate sockets, alarms and relays.

Guaranteed quality

All Smartbox hardware is built with the same high standards of quality so you can buy our products with confidence. However, if you do have any problems every Grid Pad is supplied with a full two year transferable warranty.

Support and training

To ensure all our users get the best from their communication devices we provide a range of training materials, from our comprehensive Knowledge base to webinars and videos.

Smart Support


Grid Pad Go Grid Pad Pro Grid Pad Eye
OS Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10
Software Grid 3 Grid 3 Grid 3
Screen 8 or 10 inch 11, 13 or 18 inch 11, 13 or 18 inch
Memory 4GB up to 8GB up to 8GB
Processor Intel Atom Intel Core, Celeron or Pentium Intel Core, Celeron or Pentium
Hard drive 64GB 128GB or 256GB 128GB or 256GB
Graphics Intel HD Graphics Intel HD Graphics Intel HD Graphics
Battery life Up to 6 hours Up to 8 hours Up to 5 hours
Eye gaze No No Yes
Switch Access USB 2x 3.5mm jacks 2x 3.5mm jacks
Connectivity Wi-fi, bluetooth Wi-fi, bluetooth Wi-fi, bluetooth
Mounting plate No Yes Yes
Environment control Wi-fi only Servus inside Servus inside
Key guards available  Yes  Yes  No
 Warranty 2 years free warranty 2 years free warranty 2 years free warranty
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