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About our rentals

  1. Rentals are initially for a period of three months. A rental may be ended at any time and a pro-rata refund will be made.
  1. At the end of the initial rental period, the equipment rental may be renewed for a further three months.
  1. The equipment may be purchased at any time. If the system is purchased within the first 3 months of renting you will get the cost of the device deducted from the purchase price. If the rental is purchased after the initial three-month period, you will receive a 50% discount from the purchase price.
  1. All rental systems come complete with Smartbox software and resources.
  1. All rental equipment will be in full working order, but may not be new. Where new equipment is supplied, it will be kept by the user if purchased.  If it is not, it will be replaced with a new unit if purchased.
  1. Demonstration versions of paid-for grid sets and extra symbol libraries will be installed and will run for 60 days.
  1. Any paid-for resources (such as grid sets or alternative voices) can be added to a rental device. These items will be added to the invoice if you choose to purchase the device.
  1. All devices (apart from Smartbox Laptop) will be shipped with a mouse and keyboard. These must be returned at the end of the rental.
  1. Orders from statutory bodies are accepted with an official purchase order. Please send your purchase order to
  1. Orders from individuals or Charities may qualify for VAT exemption. Please complete and sign the VAT Exemption form and return it to us at the address below – marked for accounts. The VAT exemption form is available at
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Details of individual renting the device

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Acceptance of Liability

I agree that the devices(s) and all accessories rented from are my responsibility until returned to Smartbox AT and I am responsible for any costs incurred due to damage or loss.

I will have the system and accessories packed in the original packing and ready to be collected by courier at the end of the rental period. I understand that I will be liable for damages that occur in transit due to inadequate packaging.

If you have any questions or queries about our rentals service please get in touch:

+44 (0) 1684 578868

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