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Getting started with Grid 3

Getting started with Grid for iPad 

Grid for iPad – AAC app tour 

Getting started with Look to Read

Symbol AAC grid sets

The Super Core grid sets

Super Core – an in-depth introduction

WordPower 25 grid set tour

Introducing WordPower 100


Text AAC grid sets

Introducing Alpha Core

Introducing Fast Talker

Getting started with Text Talker

Setting up a text AAC user

Accessible apps

Getting started with Spotify

WhatsApp tutorial

YouTube tutorial

YouTube for Kids tutorial

Using Skype for Windows


Editing in Grid 3 – part one

Editing in Grid 3 – part two

Editing in Grid 3 – tips and tricks

Editing in Grid for iPad – part one

Editing in Grid for iPad – part two

Personalising Super Core – Grid 3

Personalising Super Core – Grid for iPad

Create your own Super Core Learning grid

Remote editing

Editing PODD in Grid for iPad

Making your own Super Core Communication Book pages


Getting started with Message Banking

Creating a communication passport

Symbol and text communication in Grid for iPad

Modelling AAC

Moving from paper-based to electronic ACC

The Simple AAC framework

Using Super Core in Grid for iPad

Do More with Grid

Using email and SMS

Introducing Environment control

Setting up Environment Control for your TV

Using your Smartphone with Grid 3

Getting started with Computer Control


Getting started with scanning

Using eye gaze with Look to Learn and Look to Read

Getting started with Switch access in Grid 3 – part one

Getting started with Switch access in Grid 3 – part two


Introducing Grid Pad 12

Grid Pad 15 series

Super Core Communication Book

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