Talk Pad

Your voice, wherever you go

Talk Pad from Smartbox brings you a lightweight and purpose-built communication aid. Available in two sizes, 8-inch or 10-inch.

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Communicate on-the-go

Grab hold of the tactile handle, mount it to your wheelchair, or attach the strap to carry it on the move.

New accessibility features

With oversized and unmissable blue power and volume buttons, it’s easier to take full control of your device.

Built for durability

Talk Pad is ready for the inevitable knocks and bumps of everyday life. Drop tested to 1m and IP22 rated.

Reinforced structure has been drop tested to 1m
10-hour battery for all day communication
Available in two sizes, 8-inch or 10-inch
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Simple yet flexible

Why choose Talk Pad?

Talk Pad can be used by children and adults with a wide range of disabilities which affects their natural speech, using touch, keyguards, and switches. Learn more about why Talk Pad is the ideal communication aid for communication on-the-move.


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What’s in the box?

Accessibility in mind

Versatile positioning

Adjustable stand


Wheelchair mounting

Robust design

Enhanced port durability

Extra tough screen 

Your voice, amplified!

Never miss out

With an impressive 10-hour battery life and a speedy processor, you can quickly communicate all day long. The daylight bright display makes it easy to communicate outdoors, helping you get your message across. Wherever you go, your Talk Pad goes with you.

Making things easier

Keyguards that keep up

Now featuring a keyguard frame that fits neatly over your Talk Pad screen, providing a user-friendly installation process with no tools required.  Easy to remove to help you keep your device clean and quickly edit your grid set.

Colour options

Want to try Talk Pad?

Get in touch with a member of the team to find the right size, style and colour Talk Pad that’s made for you. Our specialists can help you select the right device and support you to discover new ways to access communication.

Learn how to request a trial, visit, or quote for a Smartbox product in your country.

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