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All of our Smartbox devices come with a standard two year warranty. With SmartCare you can upgrade to a comprehensive support package for up to five years from the date of your purchase.

SmartCare is available with our Grid Pad, PowerBox, iOS and Servus devices. It does not include eye gaze or other alternative access devices. Other extended warranties may be available for these products, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What does SmartCare offer you?

  • Something broken? Had an accident? We will repair or replace your device at no charge.*
  • Batteries won’t charge? We will replace faulty batteries or chargers.
  • A free loan device with all of your programs and settings while we complete your repairs.
  • Unlimited telephone and remote support from our customer and technical support team.
  • We cover all shipping costs.

*Once per year

What devices does SmartCare cover?

  • iPad Communication Aid
  • iPad Mini Communication Aid
  • iPod Touch Communication Aid
  • £250 per year


  • Grid Pad Go
  • Grid Pad Pro
  • Grid Pad Eye*
  • Smartbox All-in-One PC
  • £300 per year

Does not include the eye gaze camera.

Full SmartCare terms and conditions as well as more information can be found on our SmartCare Information Sheet.

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