We are building a world where no one is left without a voice.

We create software and devices to suit a wide range of complex needs, and are passionate about helping people succeed on their journey with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Our technology exists to give people a voice and independence, so they can build meaningful connections and can achieve their ambitions.

We believe in the power of AAC

One size fits one

Our experience with AAC users has taught us that every person is unique. They have unique access requirements and language skills. What they want to do with their device and what they want to talk about is unique to them, and our products are designed to reflect this individualism.

AAC users are at the heart of our story, shaping us as a company and continuing to give us purpose every day.

Over 20 million words are spoken with Grid every week

Developing AAC solutions since 2000

Our journey began as a small family company, when founders Paul, Alyson, Barney and Dougal Hawes set out to provide alternative communication solutions to people in the UK. The early years were focused on developing our flagship Grid software, a versatile platform that could be used by people in many different ways with a big focus on meeting the unique needs of each individual.

Since then we have invested heavily in creating our range of quality AAC devices and understanding of what is most important to the people who use our technology. The Smartbox team has grown steadily over the years and whilst Paul, Alyson and Barney have now left the company, Dougal continues to lead the way as Smartbox Group CEO.

The Smartbox Family

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