Text vocabularies in Grid

Text-based grid sets come with a range of powerful features to support individuals to say what they want with maximum speed and minimum effort, including chat history and SwiftKey prediction.

Fast Talker

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Text Talker

Text Talker supports people to say what they want to say in the moment, or prepare and save messages in advance for faster conversations. With built in tools for Message Banking, those who might still have speech can record phrases directly into their device, to save and use at any time.

This grid set is designed for iPad and touch access. Included in Grid for free. 

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Alpha Core

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Available in Grid

Grid is used by children and adults with communication difficulties across the world. A range of symbol and text-based vocabularies are available in Grid, with personalisable content for all ages and language levels.

Grid works with any method of alternative access, including eye gaze, switches, pointers and touch. Available in over 40 languages, on Windows and iPad.

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