Text Talker

Quickly generate messages in the moment and prepare for conversations in advance

Text Talker is more than just a text-to-speech keyboard. It combines a series of innovative features to make communication for literate AAC users intuitive.

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Text Talker is designed to make text communication feel natural and efficient. This intuitive solution is optimised for iPad users, built with tools such as SwiftKey prediction and conversation switching to help you get your message across with ease.

For literate people using text-based communication on a touch device
Switch between conversations with ease and prepare in advance
Fast communication using powerful text prediction, quick phrases, banked messages and chat history

Who is it for?

Message generation

Powerful SwiftKey prediction tools help you increase your rate of communication and get your message across efficiently. Store premade phrases that you can quickly speak without typing. Use message banking to capture phrases in your voice if you have speech.

Chat history

Everything you say is remembered in Text Talker and can be spoken again in just a few selections. Your chat history will suggest messages based on when and where you last said something. Just start typing the keyword in your sentence, and related messages will appear.

Private mode

Your information belongs to you. Want more control over which messages are remembered? Simply turn on private mode to keep your messages from appearing. You can also remove phrases directly from chat history.

Available in Grid

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Get started with Text Talker

Find everything you need to get started with Text Talker on the Smartbox Hub. Explore the Grid set manual and watch tutorial videos.

Get started with Text Talker

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