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Grid is used by children and adults with communication difficulties across the world, to have a voice and live more independently, available on Windows and iPad.

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Symbol vocabulary

For people who need symbols to support their communication, Grid includes a range of vocabularies, for people of all ages.

Text vocabulary

For people who want to use text, Grid offers powerful tools with prediction, for faster communication.

Apps for independence

Access email, social media and more in Grid. You’ll also find Grid sets for Environment and Computer Control.

Grid comes in over 40 languages

Including French, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Polish, and many more.

Use a regional or personalised voice

Grid has hundreds of voices and accents for children and adults. Personalise pitch and speed, or upload a unique voice using a banking service.

You’re in control with Grid

Computer Control and Environment Control can be used with any access method to control your Windows computer and technology around your home.

Who uses Grid?

Grid supports children and adults with a wide range of disabilities which affects their natural speech. Learn more about the people who use Grid to communicate and participate around the world.



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Available on Windows and iPad

Use any access method with Grid

Grid works intuitively with all access options, for the most complex needs. From eye gaze and pointing devices to keyguard touch access and switches, Grid has innovative features that make alternative access simple. The settings in Grid are integrated and simple to adjust as your needs change.

Eye Gaze

Grid puts eye gaze users in control to access your device by tracking your eye movement. Use Grid to adjust eye gaze speed, time, and calibrate. Choose from Lumin-i or Vida by Smartbox, or use Grid with other eye gaze cameras.

Touch and Keyguards

Grid can be used with a touchscreen or keyguard, to select words, letters, symbols and apps. Additional settings help with selection, such as the built-in Virtual Keyguard. You can also choose whether your first touch or when you lift off the screen makes a selection in Grid.


Use any switch, or multiple switches in Grid, from simple buttons to devices controlled by facial expression or muscle movement. Switch scanning in Grid includes features like the Scan Progress Indicator – to help you anticipate when the item you want will be highlighted.


Grid can be used with any mouse or joystick to move around the screen and activate cells in Grid. You can choose how cells are highlighted, with options for magnifying a cell and changing the colour of the border or background.

Voice activation

Control Grid with your voice using the ‘Hey Grid 3’ voice activation feature. This is particularly useful for users who have speech but use assistive technology to control their environment.

Audio feedback

Whatever the access method, Grid can play a sound or give an audio description before a selection is made. This can be particularly helpful for people with visual difficulties.

Personalise your voice in Grid

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You’re in control with Grid

Computer and Environment Control

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