Symbol vocabularies

Symbol-based grid sets include a range of vocabularies for people of all ages and levels of literacy, that can be used with any access method.

Super Core

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Voco Chat

Voco Chat is a pragmatically organised symbol vocabulary, with language organised according to the reason someone is communicating.

Using message pathways and carefully selected words and phrases, Voco Chat provides a supportive approach to language, helping someone quickly and efficiently build their message.

Developed by AAC specialist Anita and SLT Daisy, Voco Chat is included in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad for free.

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PODD is an AAC vocabulary that organises language according to the reasons we communicate. There are a range of PODD Grid sets to support different language levels.

These Grid sets are based on the popular PODD communication books, and language will be in a familiar structure for people using them. Designed by SLP Gail Porter, PODD is available as an additional purchase in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad.

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Available in Grid

Grid is used by children and adults with communication difficulties across the world. A wide range of symbol vocabularies are available in Grid, with personalisable content for all ages and language levels.

Grid works with any method of alternative access, including eye gaze, switches, pointers and touch. Available in over 40 languages, on Windows and iPad.

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