Alpha Core

Designed to meet changing access needs

Alpha Core is a text-based AAC vocabulary, that will support you however your access method changes over time. You can swap to a more accessible layout without losing any phrases you’ve added or personal changes you’ve made to the vocabulary. Developed by SLP Amy Roman.

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Alpha Core offers a range of ways to help you communicate as physical abilities change. There are seven different keyboards, from QWERTY which is ideal for touch users, to the frequency scanning keyboard optimised for switches, or a 2-Hit keyboard for hitting smaller targets. Each keyboard gives you quick access to everything you need, pre-stored topic words and phrases, prediction and chat history to speed up your rate of communication.

Several keyboard layouts to build sentences quickly as your needs change
Access quick phrases, useful topics, accessible apps, and personalise easily
Use any access method including touch, switch, eyegaze, and pointers

Core word keyboard

Explore more keyboard layouts

QWERTY Standard keyboard

QWERTY Large Cell keyboard

Frequency Scanning keyboard

Split Frequency keyboard

2-Hit keyboard

AEIOU Large Cell Leyboard

Useful topics and readymade phrases

Accessible Apps

Alpha Core includes a selection of accessible apps for sending emails, text messages, browsing the web, watching YouTube videos, message banking and Computer control for accessing Windows.

Available in Grid

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Smartbox Hub

Find everything you need to get started with Alpha Core on the Smartbox Hub. Explore the grid set manual, find printable resources and watch tutorial videos.

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