Lumin-i eye gaze technology

Effective and reliable eye tracking for indoor and outdoor use with Grid Pad.

Lumin-i is a powerful eye tracker designed for use with Grid Pad communication aids. Use your eyes to access communication, computer controls, accessible apps, and gaming.

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Key features

Extra features for everyday use

Made for Grid AAC software

Lumin-i is optimised to be calibrated and used in Grid, for eye gaze users who have physical disabilities that limit their ability to use a touch screen or keyboard.

Powerful and responsive

The Lumin-i eye gaze camera has incredibly responsive 60 Hz tracking, and can be operated from a distance of 45-85 centimetres.

Communicate on the move

Designed with everyday living in mind, Lumin-i works in bright sunshine and indoors, for accessing Grid to communicate, or to connect to Ability Drive to control a wheelchair.

Excellent outdoor performance

Lumin-i and AAC user Oli

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