Vida Go

Experience a new level of eye gaze interaction with Vida Go.

Powered by the latest IntelliGaze 11 software, Vida Go is ready to use with any Windows based PC or Grid Pad.

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Responsive and dynamic eye tracking

Vida Go’s 60Hz frame rate and 17ms recovery time provide highly responsive eye tracking – making it an excellent choice for anyone who needs speedy access.

The 40cm/s+ max head speed accommodates users with quicker head movements, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Powered by IntelliGaze software

Vida Go comes with the latest IntelliGaze 11 software. The interface has been completely redesigned, bringing you new user accessible settings optimised for use with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

+Grid bundle

Vida Go plus Grid AAC software

+Look bundle

Vida Go plus Look Lab, Look to Read and Look to Learn.

+Complete bundle

Vida Go plus Grid, Look Lab, Learn to Read and Look to Learn.

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