Grid Education License

The Grid Education license makes it possible to easily manage and use Grid across your entire school or college. Grid is an AAC solution for a whole school approach, with many uses in SEN and mainstream schools.


Grid can help support language development from the earliest interaction through all levels of AAC to full control of a computer with alternative access methods.

How does it work?

Participation for every student

Grid can be personalised with our core and pragmatic grid sets, for text, words, and symbols for every student, regardless of age or ability. Grid sets are easy to adapt to the needs of each individual student, and you’ll also find that you can quickly create your own content to fit around your teaching and the learning aspirations of every young person.

All grid sets you create can work with every type of access, including: switch, touch and eye gaze. PCS symbols and Acapela children’s voices can be added to your purchase to tailor Grid 3 to your students. You can also choose to add PODD and Phonics for all licenses.

Develop language skills at any age

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Training and support

With Grid , you will only need to familiarise yourself with one solution for your school. You can get started with Grid for free with online courses available on Smartbox Academy, including an interactive course to help you learn how to use Grid in the classroom.

We can also provide more tailored online or in person training to help you get the most out of Grid.

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Find out how Grid can benefit your school

Our free Classroom Clinics are the perfect way to discover how Grid 3 can work for your students.

One of our Assistive Technology Specialists will visit your school or college and show you how Grid 3 can be used with different pupils, to suit their individual needs.

Get in touch with the right team by finding out how to try products in your country.

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