Grid Pad 13

Communication reimagined

Grid Pad 13 from Smartbox brings you a powerful and fully featured communication aid. Enjoy exceptional performance, a 13” daylight readable display, programmable Smart Buttons, a wide angle 6.5” second screen, built in environment control and custom designed speakers.


Ready to use with any type of alternative access method, including eye gaze technology.

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Use with eye gaze technology

An impact resistant and IP rated eye gaze module transforms your Grid Pad into a dedicated eye gaze device.

Go anywhere design

Grid Pad 13 is ready for communication on the go with a dual Rehadapt / Daessy mounting plate and durable chassis.

Making communication easier

The 6.5″ wide-angle second screen and custom designed high displacement speakers help you get your message across.

Powered by Grid software for communication and independence
Drop tested and shock-proof design ready for everyday life
Use with any type of alternative access including eye gaze
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Powerhouse performance

Features for clear communication


Personal speakers

Second screen

Smart Buttons

Eye gaze accessible Smart Buttons

“The Smart Buttons for me, particularly as someone who needs high levels of efficiency, opened a whole new way of navigating my eye gaze.”

Lucinda Ritchie, Grid Pad 13 tester

Standout second screen

Your voice, amplified!

Control your world

Power that lasts all day

Premium 13” display

Choose your eye gaze camera

An impact resistant and IP rated eye gaze module transforms your Grid Pad into a dedicated eye gaze device. Wireless docking makes getting setup even easier, with no need for any cables. Available with Lumin-i and Vida eye tracking technology.


Come rain or shine

Even more ports

Adjustable stand

LED indicator lights

Industry-leading Grid AAC software

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Third generation Remote Power Button

Grid Pad 13 includes our latest Remote Power Button. Use it to power on your device, restart your device and connect an additional two switches.

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