Look Lab

A selection of fun and motivating activities that can be enjoyed by anyone who uses eye gaze technology

With over 38 specially created activities, Look Lab is a motivating and fun way to get started with eye gaze technology. Every activity has been developed in consultation with teachers and therapists to improve access and choice making skills.

38 fun activities

Immerse yourself in a range of fun games and puzzles, get creative with art and music activities and unwind with a selection of mindfulness exercises. 

Build 12 different skills

Created in consultation with SEN teachers and professionals, Look Lab has been designed to help you learn a selection of different eye gaze skills.

Easy and standard mode

Each activity can be adjusted to suit you. Easy mode allows you to explore the activity at your own pace, without having to worry about losing lives or running out of time.

38 activities that are fun and motivating for eye gaze users of all ages
Use on any AAC device with eye gaze and pointer access
Easily switch between Look Lab and Grid to access your communication
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Choose from 5 activity categories:

Tools to track your progress

Heat maps show areas of the screen that have been accessed. Save copies of your heat maps to record evidence of achievements and to track progress over time.

Look Lab Workbook

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Different modes

Appearance options

Access options

Use with Grid AAC software

For anyone using Grid AAC software, you can quickly switch between Look Lab and your communication grid set.

A seamless way to go from enjoying activities in Look Lab, to having a chat with someone, checking that you are in a good position, or re-calibrating your eye tracker. 

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